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Our Disclaimer

We all are carrying karmic baggage, whatever we received time to time is as per our past karma.

We get the indication from horoscope of one’s sins done in past life and whenever these things get activated by houses or planets which are connected to those sins we suffer.

I deliver my best to give the solutions as per the horoscope but it’s up to the client, her/her aura, his/her guna (satva, rajas, and tamas) to get the results out of it and other than this Past Karma will take time & lots of efforts either to cleanse or to rectify so its takes time 30 days to 3 years depends.

The best thing is that we can surely get the guidance about what all actions should we take in present life to make living better and also keep a strong base for coming generations.

Important Note: We do not give any kind of guarantee as everyone’s life is driven by their own karma, we can only highlights the area which to have to work on. We are only the mediator between you and The Divine and whenever Divine wants to send the message it will be delivered by us. The Divine is only your astrologer for you and for us our clients.

Keeping faith on your astrologer as same as you keep on God will fasten the remedial process.